Fall Gas Saving Tips and Tricks

Before your Sunday Fall-Foliage Drive, check out these tips
Before your Sunday Fall-Foliage Drive, check out these tips

Fall and winter driving, believe it or not, is less gas-efficient than spring and winter driving.  The colder air is denser, increasing drag on your car, wreaks havoc on your oil viscosity, and generally makes your car work harder than it does when the weather is warm.  Your tire pressure also decreases, and the less full your tires are, the more your tires surface touches the pavement, increasing friction and again causing your car to use more energy to move you.  So before you go out on your fall foliage tour, here are a few tips from fueleconomy.gov:


  • Park your car somewhere sheltered and warmer, such as a garage, to help maintain the temperature of your engine and cabin.
  • Combine trips and errands so that you drive more often with a warm engine.  A warmer engine runs more efficiently, and the energy it takes for your car to warm up is energy wasted on each trip.  That being said –
  • Try not to idle your car too long to warm it up. Honda recommends driving off gently after about 30 seconds. Your engine will heat up faster being driven, which will allow the heat to turn on sooner, and decrease your fuel costs.
  • Don’t overuse window defrosters or seat warmers.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated and check them often.
  • Remove accessories that increase wind resistance, like bike and luggage racks, when not in use to streamline your vehicle.
  • If you drive an electric vehicle, preheating the cabin while plugged into the charger can extend your vehicle’s range, and using the seat warmers instead of the cabin heater can save energy extending your vehicles range.

Using these tips will save you money on fuel and maintenance on your vehicle in the colder months ahead.  Check back frequently for more tips and tricks



Back to School Automotive Tips

People carrying shovels walk in the street beside tall snowbanks in Buffalo, New York, November 21, 2014. REUTERS/Aaron Ingrao
We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but winter is coming to Buffalo. REUTERS/Aaron Ingrao

This week kids all over Western NY are going back to school, and back to school time is a great time to get a jump on getting your Honda winter-ready. Here are a couple of things you can do to make sure you’re ready when the snow inevitably comes to Buffalo.

Honda Tire
Tires are your cars first line of defense

1)Snow/All-Season Tires: Get your tires checked out, make sure your tread has the proper depth to grip icy or snow covered roads. If the tires on your Honda don’t grip the road properly, other safety features could be compromised. If your tires don’t have the proper tread depth, make sure to swing in to Ray Laks Honda’s Service department for a fresh set of snow shoes for your Honda.

Honda Windshield Wipers
If the roads aren’t clear, you can at least keep your windshield clear with new blades

2)All Season Wipers: You’ve got to be able to see, right? Having fresh wipers on your car is probably the quickest (and easiest) winterization tip, and one of the most important. Having faulty or worn out wiper blades in the driving snow can be dangerous, affecting your vision and ultimately your ability to spot trouble on the winter highways. Stop in to Ray Laks Honda’s Parts Department for fresh wiper blades. Our guys will even put them on for you.

Headlights Clean
Notice a difference?

3)Headlights/Foglights: Make sure your headlights and fog lights are clean and clear.  Again, seeing trouble is the first step towards avoiding it.  There are several off the shelf remedies for this, but our Detail Department would be happy to handle this and any other detailing your car needs.  Speaking of which….

Honda All Season Mats
Honda All Season Mats go a long way towards preserving your cars interior during the winter season.

4)All Season Floor Mats: Honda’s custom fit floor mats will keep your Civic, CRV, or Accords carpet clean by deflecting the salt, slush and sludge that follows you into the car during winter months. These All-Season Mats are available at our Honda Parts Department location in Orchard Park.

Please feel free to Contact Ray Laks Honda at 3590 Southwestern Blvd in Orchard Park, or give us a call at 716-824-6300. Stay safe!