Happy National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!

2017 FCX Clarity
The New Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle

Today is National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.  In order to raise awareness of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Honda is joining with organizations across America in celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day (www.hydrogenfuelcellday.org).  In honor of the day, here is a list of Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Firsts:

  • The first EPA- and CARB-certified fuel cell vehicle (July 2002)
  • The world’s first production fuel cell vehicle, introduced to the U.S. and Japan (December 2002)
  • The first fuel cell vehicle to start and operate in sub-freezing temperatures (2003)
  • The first fuel cell vehicle leased to an individual customer (July 2005)
  • The first manufacturer to build and produce a dedicated fuel cell vehicle (FCX Clarity) on a production line specifically made for fuel cell vehicles (2008)
  • The first manufacturer to create a fuel cell vehicle dealer network (2008)

Honda Commitment to the Environment
Honda is working to advance technologies that address society’s energy and environmental concerns. Honda is targeting a 50 percent reduction in its CO2 emissions companywide on a global basis by 2050, compared to 2000 levels.  Based on its vision of “Blue Skies for our Children,” very soon, Honda will begin introduction of a new generation of the Honda Clarity series of vehicles, with the hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle, followed by a new Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-In Hybrid in 2017, as Honda strives to realize significant growth in sales of electrified vehicles.

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